Roadside Assistance

2015 Chicago Marathon Activation

Liberty Mutual wanted to showcase their Roadside Assistance service. Problem is, to experience it, you have to already be a customer and be in trouble. So we offered Roadside Assistance at another place people need help on the road — the 2015 Chicago Marathon.

Digital Sign-Up Experience

On The Ground: Chicago Marathon


Joseph Delhommer
Stephen Klinck

Design Director
Sean A. Murray

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Catherine Johns
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Senior Art Director
Melissa Ploysophon

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Angela Li

Talia Rossman
Kaitlin Kelly
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Madeline Cross

Senior Digital Producer
Anna Santiago

Head of Production
Sylvain Tron

Executive Producers
Dana Vesci
Nick "Castle" Williams

Content Makers
Dexter Brierley
Evan Harms
Erik Nuenighoff

Director of Activations
Kelly Kozlowski

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